Ballet Pixelle


The Making of Olmannen

Creating Ballet Pixelle's premiere ballet "Olmannen" was truly an amazing experience. It took several months from concept to completion. Besides the normal artistic challenges there were also technical and logistic challenges. Artistically, the story was written and became more clarified over time and rehearsals.


Part of the beauty of writing the story specifically for Ballet Pixelle was that I was able to utilize the unique aspects of Second Life to bring the story to life. I saw dragon-like creatures appearing in the air, a couple in love spiraling down and up, sprites flying, and a beautiful woman transforming instantly into an old woman while the man transformed instantly into one of the evil beings. I found some wonderful collaborators in places all around the world, something that would be very difficult in First Life.


Our talented composer lives in London, our architect and PR person is in Australia, and the dancers are from England, West Coast U.S., and East Coast U.S. It was a difficult challenge to find a costume designer, lighting designer, set designer, videographer, and stage manager.


We did find an artist and stage manager towards the end of our rehearsal period. We also had a challenge keeping dancers because of First Life changes and commitments. These dancers put in very significant dedication and work to Ballet Pixelle and are a large part of why the ballet works. The entire cast and crew are volunteers that are interested in pursuing artistic dance in Second Life.


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Olmannen Overview



Act 1 - The Ice Garden

Seraphette and Namon are happy and together as lovers, bound together by idealized love. However, they become threatened by evil. In order to save Seraphette from this evil, Namon battles the Devangs and agrees to join them. Seraphette eventually dies a broken-hearted, old woman.

Act 2

Act 2 - The Public Alley

Seraphette, dispirited and despairing, has been reincarnated as a dancer who performs with tarts in the public alley. Namon has waited for Seraphette's soul to be reincarnated and he returns to find her again. However, Seraphette has only a vague memory of him and Namon has to fight to remind her of their love. Finally, he reveals himself to her, and she falls in love with him again.

act 3

Act 3 - The Mystical Garden

Their true love allows Namon to be released from evil, and Seraphette to return from her despairing life. Sprites herald their return. They reunite forever in the mystical garden and ascend into "Olmannen", happy in thier realized and true love for each other.