Ballet Pixelle


Ballet Pixelle offers unique opportunities to the audience members and the public at large:

  • It continues and expands the art form of ballet to audiences, and new audiences.

    New people get to enjoy the art form and may be interested in continuing it. Overheard at performances are people saying "I never go to ballet in real life, but I am really excited about this ballet!"

  • It allows physically challenged people to easily see ballet.

    People only need a computer to see the ballet.  We have people confined to wheelchairs, agoraphobics, and people with cancer, among others, who all come to this ballet.  We have had people watch from hospital beds.

  • It allows an easy entry into the ballet.

    You can get a free account in Second Life and Ballet Pixelle does not charge for tickets.  In addition, you can see the ballet at different times of day and at different days and you do not need to go to a physical location.

  • It allows people to try dancing ballet.

    People can learn and dance without having to be athletes or train for years and that makes the art more real to people.  This, in turn, increases the audience base.

  • Different styles and types of classical and original ballet are shown.

    Audience members can see classical, neoclassical, contemporary, and novel ballets that cannot be seen elsewhere.  New ballets are premiered with original stories, choreography, and music with dancers from around the world all dancing together in one space.