Colours de la Danse


Immortal Waltz

A ballet about color...and dance.

There is no story, there is only movement.

ACT I: "Vert, Rose, Violet"

A dashing and strong danseur in green with his vibrant dreen ballerina.

A quick and jazzy danseur in red with his fleet-footed and daring red ballerina. And a study in femininity and grace -- the lavendar ballerina.

ACT II: "Blanc"

Then, a solo ballerina in white with lace daintily follows the lines of the baroque violins.

ACT III: "Rouge"

And finally, red passion erupts!

Story, Animations, Choreography by
   Inarra Saarinen


Aiyana Tripsa
Amelie Dibou
Cecilia Mistwalker
Dubhna Rhiandra
Hiroki Kimono
Luci Yokosuka
Patros Zifer
Sherainbow Merlin
Skip Flossberg
Tik Merlin
Vivienne Darcy
Xanthi Oridium


Ballet Coordinator - Vivienne Darcy
Ballet Mistress - Amelie Dibou
- Vivienne Darcy
Costume Mistress - Blanche DuBois
Financial Manager - Calia Cachin
Photographer - Leko Littlebird
Set Design - Leko Littlebird
- Tik Merlin
Sound Engineer - Willis Rossini
Theatre Build, Roadie - Espresso Saarinen
Ushers Coordinater:Anaid Daviau
Ushers - Alexa Sideways
- Tatiana Kurri
Webmaster - Skip Flossberg
Artistic Director - Inarra Saarinen


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